Christmas Traditions

Christmas Book Basket

Keep a basket of Christmas books by the tree, read a different book each night for December. You can even wrap them to make it more fun!

Here are a few books we’ll be adding to a fun basket.

Winter/Christmas Bucket List

Here are a few fun ways to spend quality time with your family over the holidays. Try and get creative with this! 


We buy/make an ornament for every milestone: 1st apartment, first home, first year married, baby’s first Christmas, etc. Here are our favorites. 

Yearly Ornaments
You can also buy them an ornament each year and give it as a gift when they’re older.

Christmas Eve Box

When I was a kid, we were always allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve.

I like the idea of having a Christmas Eve box! Each child can have a box of things to open/use on Christmas Eve. You can also gift this on the first day of December to start the month in Christmas spirit!

Here are some ideas:
✧ Christmas pajamas
✧ A book
✧ A movie
✧ Popcorn, a mug, and hot cocoa 

Cookie Plate

Put out a cookie plate on Christmas Eve with milk & cookies for Santa and a few carrots for his reindeer! Make sure you take a few bites and drink the milk before they wake up. 

Santa Sack

As a kid, we knew that most of our presents were from Mom and Dad but always got one present from Santa.

We ordered a personalized Santa Sack with our family name on it and plan on putting a gift for every family member in it “from Santa” to put out on Christmas morning.

If you plan on doing so as well, consider what gift comes from Santa. 

Keep in mind that not everyone can afford expensive gifts for their child. You wouldn’t want your child or someone else’s to feel less special if when one gets an iPad when their friend only got socks.

The Giving Plate

“This plate has no real owner, its journey never ends. 
It travels on a spontaneous path
To neighbors.. family .. friends.
It carries love from home to home
With treats for all to share
Just a little pick me up.
Hello, thinking of you, I care!
Please enjoy whats on this plate, 
Then fill it up once more
And pass it on to someone new
That’s what the Giving Plate is for!”


My husband and I typically don’t do gifts anymore because we have everything we need and if we want something we just buy it, so we put more work into buying thoughtful stocking stuffers to make it fun and thoughtful.

Instead of trying to buy the perfect gift and having expectations, we started only gifting each other stockings. This makes you think outside the box and find things that remind you of one another. This could also be funny little things like something you may have just mentioned you needed, like a new toothbrush!

Ideas for Men
✧ Tool gadgets
✧ Silicone ring
✧ M
ini nail kit
✧ Shave cream
✧ Bottle opener

Ideas for Women
✧ Earrings
✧ Favorite chocolate/candy
✧ Nail polish
✧ Scrunchies
✧ Key chain
✧ Socks

You can also do a gift challenge (or make it a date for any time of the year) to buy the following for each other:
✧ Favorite color
Favorite snack or treat
Something comfy
Something you can do together 
Something you would want them to wear 
Something for the house
Something that reminds you of them
Something that they need 
Something that you want them to try

Other Ideas

Elf on the Shelf
Make an Amazon wishlist to share with friends and family.
This way, if they’d like to buy something for your kids they have good recommendations. This allows you to encourage books and intentional toys, and you can add things that need like a new winter coat or even diapers.
✧ Slipper Gift. Grab a pair of slippers, and fill them full of stocking stuffers!

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*Shopping disclaimer: I make a small commission on the items that you purchase (at no cost to you), but I would never recommend something that we don’t use personally!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

  1. Janet Berg says:

    You are unbelievable. You are creative, positive, smart kind and you make it look easy. Which I know it is not. Whenever I turn to your instagram it gives me a lift for the day!

  2. Charlotte says:

    Christmas Eve for my boys now grown was new PJ’s opened first after shower/bathing, they opened a Christmas movie. After the movie they laid out treats for Santa and reindeer. Then they opened a new Christmas book. We read book and they went off to bed by 10. A little late but they fell asleep fast.

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