Easter Baskets

Let’s talk about Easter baskets!

I have so many ideas, so I thought I would share them! As a first time mom, I’m so excited to put Easter baskets together for the quads. I’m sure my ideas will evolve over the years, but here are a few of my ideas for now and in the future. 

As usual, I’m trying to be very intentional about the items that I buy. I like to think about how often the items will be used, where they will be stored, and if they are recyclable in any way.. This allows me to justify having fun.

My goal is not to spend money on things we don’t need that will eventually end up being clutter in our home or junk in the garbage. SO, I try my best to think things through!


Think about what you will do with them after Easter! 

I decided to go with some cute wire baskets from Target so that I could repurpose them after Easter (I plan on using these next in our pantry). 

I debated on buying cute wicker baskets that I could repurpose each year but didn’t want to worry about storing them, so I ordered wooden bunny name tags to repurpose each year instead!

Rather than buying the fake grass as filler that will just end up all over my floors, I’ve been keeping some packing material to put at the bottom of their baskets. This way I can repurpose it again or recycle it!


Kids grow so fast.. Odds are they’ll need some new boots or swimsuits each spring. Of course books are always great too, and maybe some fun things that encourage outdoor fun!

Here are a few of my favorite recommendations for things your kids might already need, that you can throw cutely into a basket:

  • Teethers
  • Baby-Led Weaning Utensils + Cups
  • Name Puzzles
  • Pajamas – (Check out Holy Pals for Christ-centered pajamas)
  • Hunter Boots
  • Swimsuits – Our favorite swimsuits are from HoneySuckle Swim – Use this link to save 10%!
  • Books
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Beach buckets
  • Gardening tools
  • Slumberkins – Stuffed animals are fun too and I love that Slumberkins have a purpose too!


Gift cards, consumables and experiences can also be great gifts!

  • Movie tickets
  • A gift card for a local ice cream shop for a date.
  • Cookie/brownie mix for a fun night at home
  • Passes to the swimming pool, museum, arcade, trampoline park, etc.

I hope some of my thoughts and ideas can help you build a fun yet practical Easter basket this year! Tag me in your pictures so I can see what you come up with!

One thought on “Easter Baskets

  1. Donna Waters says:

    Thank you for the update!
    You are so creative with the things you are putting in the quads Easter baskets and love you are making them to be about Jesus♥️🙏
    Can’t wait to see pictures of their 1st birthday celebration💙💗💙💗
    Glad to see you are planning for yourselves too🤗

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