Fishing FAQ

Is it like Deadliest Catch?
Yes, the only major differences are the sizes of the boats and the area that they fish. Deadliest Catch is filmed in the Bering Sea where generally the seas are larger because its unprotected weather. And their boats are also 130-160 ft long, whereas some of the boats from Kodiak are as small at 42 ft long.

How long will he be gone and why?
At the start of the season, we anticipated him being gone for anywhere between 4 days to a month. There are many things that will technically dictate the length of the fishing season but it mainly comes down to catching the quota (the amount that Fish & Game finds that the population can safely handle). This year, Kodiak had a quota of 6 million lbs to be caught by approximately 120 boats

A few things that will dictate the season:

  • The amount of boats will dictate how fast they reach the limit
  • The supply and demand of the crab itself will affect what canneries are willing and able to pay the fishermen, which then must be balanced with the cost of fishing 
  • The amount of time it takes canneries to process and accept the crab from boats
  • Weather can affect openings and delay fishing

Will you have help while he’s away?
Yes, I have family on rotation to help me with the babies and have had grandparents take turns taking a dog or two home for a few days. We also pay my sister and niece to have a routine of childcare, which allows me some time each day to focus on priorities. Whether it’s taking a shower, getting the dogs out, grocery shopping, paying bills, (the list never ends of course) so I just do what I can. My mom also flew home to help me for a week but with the delayed fishing season this year, my husband was still here.

What boat is it and how big is it? 
My husband has been commercially fishing on my brother’s boat on and off for the past 8 years. His boats are approximately 53 ft and 83 ft long. Too compare, the boats on Deadliest Catch are approximately 130-160 ft long.

Can you talk to him while he’s away? 
Thankfully, the boat has wifi for texting, a boat phone for calling and if he goes to any docks, he can FaceTime us!

What kind of crab are they?
They are fishing for Tanner Crab (also known as snow crab which you’ll see in most restaurants) . They are technically bairdi, closely related to opilio, although generally larger in size.

Why was the season delayed?
This year the fishermen went on strike for two weeks, as they demanded a higher price from the canneries. As you’ll see in the grocery stores, seafood is expensive. 

The fishermen put their lives at stake and work their butts off, so they fought for a fair price. Here are a few articles pertaining to this year’s season!

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