Intentional Gifting & Saving Over the Holidays

I wanted to share our ideas on gifting/saving for kids over the holidays because I feel that the Christmas season has transformed into being all about the gifts! It’s important to us to teach our kids to live minimally and thankfully.

With that being said, we want to focus on spending quality time over the holidays, teaching them to be thoughtful, contributing to their savings and buying intentional toys for learning. 

We don’t want to pack our home with plastic toys that were made overseas, that they will learn not to appreciate, that will clutter our home and end up in the garbage anyway!

So, here are a few ways we plan on doing so:

✧ Spending quality time with one another. We want them to feel loved and understand that gifts are not the way this is measured.

✧ Contributing to their savings

✧ Buying items that will encourage learning, skill building, creativity or being active/outside.

✧ Have them be thoughtful to others (by baking cookies and dropping off to family, or making gifts for one another, making gift bags for the local animal shelter, etc)

✧Minimalist gifts – try gifting something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read

There are also many clutter-free gift ideas! 

✧ Classes: dances, cooking, music/instrument, art, swimming

✧ Passes: movies, amusement/water park, bowling, zoo, ski/snowboard

✧ Subscriptions: Lovevery, Kiwi Co.

✧ Gift cards: book store, toy store, ice cream shop

✧ Savings: coins for a piggy bank, contribution to savings

✧ Experiences: horseback riding

✧ Gifts that encourage encourage cooking, gardening, building, crafting.

Consider contributing to their savings.

I know this isn’t as fun as opening gifts, but it will be when they’re older! This can allow them to get a head start in life. It can teach them the importance of saving, while using their hard earned money, on things that can help them grow as an individual. Their first car, money to travel with, college or trade school funds, a down payment on their first home, etc.

Don’t we all wish we had a head start!?

We use Acorns – use this link for an extra $5 bonus investment

This app makes it easy to set up weekly/monthly contributions and share with others, if family members would like to contribute to their savings.

I’m sure many moms can relate to these topics, we don’t want more stuff and more stress in our homes over the holidays. I also suggest making wishlists (with Amazon, Etsy, Target, etc) to share with family and friends, of gifts/toys that you approve of and maybe some useful items your family needs as well. Gifts can include fun socks, cups, notebooks, boots, etc! Hopefully this can help direct the items that come into your home. 

I strongly believe that by making our holidays more intentional, we can build a foundation for our kids. To enjoy the little things, spend quality time with one another over the holidays, and not to be stressed about materialistic things that clutter our home and lead to more stress!

I also encourage you to bond with your children by learning why we give gifts in the first place because it all starts with Jesus ♥️

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